Weekly Training Update

This week was a lot different than my usual workout week, so I figured I’d do a separate weekly update and a separate “Bump Day” post.

The hubs and I, and our foster son spent the week in Wisconsin Dells with my family enjoying being tourists! Of course though, I also very much enjoyed a “lighter” schedule which allowed me to get more activities in during the week! Here’s how my week went:

Sunday: We arrived at our resort on Saturday evening, so Sunday morning, I checked out the workout facilities that were available. It turned out, they had a pretty decent workout room with a moderately comfortable recumbent bike! So, I decided to bike an hour in the morning on that to get my usual biking in.

Biking in the fitness room!

Biking in the fitness room!

Then, in the afternoon, we did a little miniature golfing-not super active, but different than my normal activity.

Monday: I was able to get my usual Monday swim in because the resort had FIVE swimming pools, one of which being a 20 yd indoor lap swimming pool. I swam for 40 minutes, and covered approximately 2200yds. I felt the best I have swimming in SEVERAL weeks! I only had to take 4 breaks, all of which were 15 seconds or less. Later in the day, I got my lifting in with my 5lb weights I brought on vacation with me. Oh, and I used my 8 month old nephew as my weight for squats!

He actually wasn't a huge fan of it :)

He actually wasn’t a huge fan of it :)

Later in the day, the whole family went to the Wisconsin River to take a boat tour through the Dells! The tour had two stops where we could get out and hike a little. It was awesome! IMG_2335

Tuesday: In the morning, my sister and brothers in-law and I went for a 6 mile run together, which was great! My pace was pretty slow (9:30), but I felt super! In the afternoon, we went for a 3 mile hike at Mirror Lake State Park. The trails were very easy-grassy, and mostly flat. Perfect for a preggo. J I had so much energy when we got back, that we decided to go paddle boating for about 30 minutes! Let me tell ya, I slept GREAT that night! Baby girl was tuckered out!

Paddle boat date!

Paddle boat date!

Wednesday: I hit up the gym again for an hour bike ride in the morning. In the afternoon, we spent some time down town walking around seeing the sights and enjoying the river. Then after that, I decided I wanted to try the paddle boats again, so my sister and I took one out for several trips around the lake. It was a stroll in the park for her, but for me? I was huffing and puffing and covered in sweat by the time we’d finished! And no, it wasn’t super hot out…I’m just pregnant.

Thursday: In the morning, my sister and I went for another 6.1 mile run. My pace was a little quicker because I didn’t take as many bathroom breaks. :) (9:20 min/mile) In the afternoon, we went to Noah’s Ark, the largest water park in the country! It was awesome! I couldn’t ride all the rides because I’m pregnant, but there were 6 that I could do, and they were super fun!! The whole family had a great time.

Friday: My sister and I went for a quick 3 mile run (under 9 min pace) in the morning, and then we hopped in the car for our 8.5 hour trip back home. The dogs were SOOOOOOO excited to see us! Actually, Mya was so excited, she had a little accident. :)

Saturday: Since I did 3 miles on Friday and I typically don’t run on Fridays, I only planned on doing 7 today. However, once I got a few miles in, I felt great, so I decided to keep going! I ended with 10.1 miles total at under 9:30 pace, which included my many bathroom breaks. :) Later this afternoon, we plan to take the dogs for a nice hike to hopefully make up for abandoning them with a dog sitter all week!! :)

Weekly Totals:

Running: 25.2 miles

Hiking: 4-5ish miles (plus whatever we do this afternoon)

Paddle boating: 1 hour

Biking: 2 hours

Swimming: 40 min

Lifting: 45 min

How was your week?

Anyone vacation this week?

How do you get your workouts in on vacation?

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