Weekly Update: Due Date!

Time for my weekly update! Today is officially baby girl’s due date! Here’s my 40 week “bump”.

Wait a minute here...... :)

Wait a minute here…… :)

That’s right, baby girl came before her due date! I was quite surprised, but with the way I felt last weekend, I know now that she was ready (and so was I!).

Here’s what my week looked like :)

Sunday: I felt huge, but not yucky like I did on Saturday, so I was able to do a 30 minute bike ride on my trainer. That’s all I could stand though.

Monday: My belly was just really uncomfortable, so instead of swimming, I went for a 2 mile walk with Durango. I felt great the rest of the day and worked all day long, but did mention to my boss that I didn’t think I’d make it through the week. Turns out I was right, because Monday night, I went into labor!

Tuesday: Baby girl was born early in the morning! She is SO precious! We named her Zoe. :)

Proud parents!

Proud parents!

Wednesday: hospital all day. My main focus was recovering and figuring out how to keep a baby alive. :)

Thursday: We were discharged early in the morning, and spent the rest of the day at home figuring out how to live without constant help from nurses! :)

Friday: I finally started to feel more like myself, and was a bit ambitious, so the hubs, dogs, Zoe, and I all went for a short 3/4 mile walk! At a verrrrrry slow pace. :)

All bundled up in the ergo! She loved it!

All bundled up in the ergo! She loved it!

We also had her first pediatrician appointment on Friday, and she passed with flying colors!

Saturday: I felt almost completely back to my normal self and even lived most of the day OUTSIDE the bedroom walls :)

Weight loss: I’m down 12.4 pounds since delivering my baby. My total weight gain for the pregnancy was 23 pounds, so I’m “up” 10.6 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.

Recovery: Like I said, I’m feeling pretty good which is awesome! I’m trying not to over-do it though. Pretty much I have one standing up “chore” I’m giving myself per day. For instance, Friday I did one load of laundry. Saturday, I picked up the dogs’ poop in our backyard. Little things that don’t take much effort for a normal person, but for someone who gave birth 5 days ago, it’s a huge step. :) Other than that, I’ve pretty much been sitting or laying down throughout the whole day.

Right now, our days are spent much like this. Laying down looking at our sweet bundle :)

Right now, our days are spent much like this. Laying down looking at our sweet bundle :)

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