Weekly Update: Muncie 70.3!

I was going to do my typical weekly update format today, but let’s face it; all you really care to read about is my race yesterday! So we’ll pretty much skip to that. :)

My week was a typical taper week as far as training went, but I was working a sports camp at the college I work at, and that made for VERY long days and little sleep. Less than ideal for the week of a race, but I survived! We headed to the race site late Friday morning and did the usual pre-race festivities of checking in, registering, getting my race swag, and doing my swim, bike, and run warm ups.

I wanted to give a few highlights from the race. Then tomorrow I’ll do the full race recap!

1. I am going to 70.3 World Championships!!!

My official papers!

My official papers!

2. I placed 5th in my age group and finally got one of the coveted Ironman awards!DSC06573

3. During the bike, Andrew Starykowicz passed me! Those of you who don’t know who this is, he is THE fastest biker in the world. Google him :) I was surprised that he passed me, because at the time, I was unaware that the bike course was 2 laps! I put it together when I saw him blow by though. :) It was indeed 2 laps. Apparently a last minute change!

4. Also during the bike, I accidentally spit on a dude about to pass me. Haha, embarrassing highlight, I know! I always spit to my left though, and I didn’t think anything of it. Then I immediately heard “oh!”, sorry dude! He didn’t call out “on your left”, so it’s not all my fault. :)

5. After I finished the race, we talked with a professional triathlete who is from our town and trains at our gym. (John has met her several times before at the pool, but I’ve never talked with her). She was SOOO nice, and even invited us to eat our post-race meal with her and her friends!!!

6. As we were packing up and leaving the race, some volunteers were yelling “free swim caps!”, so I went over and asked for one, and the girl said “here, have one in every color!” and shoved a handful of caps in my face, so I came home with 7 extra swim caps!! That’ll keep me stocked up for a while! IMG_1215[1]

It was a pretty fun day :) Actually, it was a rough race for me overall, but it was still fun! More to come tomorrow. :)

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