Weekly Update: Surviving the week after spring break

Well folks, it was a long week for me being the week after spring break AND the first week of daylight savings, but I survived! Actually, despite being tired, I actually had a decent week of training! All of my workouts went smoothly except for one :) Here’s how the week rolled out:

Sunday: I got in a nice T25 core workout this morning. I did Dynamic Core again from the Beta cycle. Then, I had a great 2 hour ride in the afternoon. I know, only 2 hours! It was a bit harder than typical long rides-trying to prepare for faster racing :) Then I did a quick 15 minute run immediately following the bike.

Monday: My one day to sleep in-it was much appreciated! I did get up in time to do one T25 workout before work. I chose Rip’t Circuit because it focused on the whole body. I actually really liked it and thought it was fun! There weren’t any crazy hard moves, and I liked that it incorporated upper body, lower body, and core! I’m definitely going to be choosing that workout often :) When I got home from work, I was tired after a long first day back, so John and I went out to a nice dinner and then rented a movie after! It was a fun date night :)

Tuesday: It was a rough morning dragging myself out of bed in the dark, but once I got out the door, I enjoyed a beautiful 7 mile hill workout! (56 minutes total)

Sad to have to wear my headlamp, but glad to have it!

Sad to have to wear my headlamp, but glad to have it!

In the evening, I had an easy swim workout-it was just 30 minutes of drill work, then 3X500 meters at an easy pace. I did 2,800 meters total and was thankful that it wasn’t a hard workout because I had some major heartburn! Never swim after eating spicy fish!! Uff, bad life choice…

Wednesday: I had a great 1.5 hour bike workout! This was the hardest workout I think I’ve ever completed on my trainer. I felt so accomplished after!!

Thursday: It was another early morning run…and to make it worse, it was cold, snowy, and WINDY! Let’s just say the tempo workout did not go as planned :) I completed it, but I was miserable. It totaled 6.2 miles in 50 minutes. However, I was able to recover by the evening and knock out an AWESOME swim workout! Only problem: I forgot to charge my Garmin and it died as soon as I turned it on! Therefore, I have no idea what my split times were, but I felt smooth, FAST, and balanced! In one way, it was nice not to have the pressure of hitting specific times-I knew I was in the pace zone anyway, so it doesn’t really matter what the exact time was. At least not every workout anyway. I totaled 3,000 meters in approx 66 minutes. Oh! and my Hammer order game that night too, so that made up for the running and swimming mishaps! IMG_0917[1]

Friday: I was worried about my bike workout this particular morning, because I woke up feeling sleepy and unmotivated. However, I got myself on my bike and had a GREAT workout! I worked really hard and nailed every repeat. I was pleased. It totaled 2 hours.

Saturday: I felt great after a good night’s sleep and getting to sleep in a little in the morning! I headed out the door a little after 9am and I ran 20.2 miles in 2hrs30min. It was a gorgeous day out with a lot of sunshine. The only bad thing about the run was it was very windy, but I still had a great time! In the afternoon, we headed to the pool for our swim! I had to do 6X500 meters and then 20 minutes at zone 2! It was challenging, but not too bad! Took a while though-1hr30min for 4,500meters!

So it was a rough week in terms of tiredness after my spring break, but I think I got some quality work in, and looking back, I am very pleased with my progress. Here’s my totals:

Total training time this week: 14 hours, 41 minutes

Running: 35 miles (4 hrs, 31 min)

Biking: 5.5 hours

Swimming: 10,300 meters (3 hrs, 40 min)

T25: 50 minutes (two workouts)

Halo bench: 10 minutes (on Thursday)

I hope you all had a great week and that you’ve adjusted well to the time change! Happy training!

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