Weekly Update

I’m now 1 week past my due date, and my baby girl is growing strong! I am recovering pretty well other than feeling like a zombie 24/7 due to lack of sleep! We have been blessed with a super content baby, but still…..she has to eat every 2-3 hours, so that means the majority of sleep I ever get at a time is 3 hours….it’s rough.

I’ve been able to start getting a little more “active” this week though! I’m trying to be careful not to over-do it, so I’m still just sitting/laying around the house most of the day. I’ve started doing a few more chores though, and I even made dinner one night this week! Also, I got a shower every day this week. :) Haha, HUGE success!

Here’s what my week looked like for activity…

Sunday: nothing!

Monday: 1/2 mile walk with Durango. Hubs stayed home with the baby so I could get some fresh air.

Tuesday: I was planning on a walk again, but then I dropped my laptop directly on my toe!! It KILLED so bad, and I couldn’t do much more than hobble the rest of the day!



Wednesday: 3/4 mile walk with Durango again. I felt a little more perky, and we picked the pace up a little!

Thursday: 1.2 mile walk with the hubs, dogs, and Zoe! Hubby took the stroller, and I managed the dogs. They were pretty excited for a walk!! I also felt like my normal self in terms of walking pace!IMG_2647

Friday: I “lifted”! I did the same routine I was doing while I was pregnant. I felt SO good after doing it!

Saturday: 2 mile walk with Durango! We were walking pretty fast (Durango couldn’t understand why we weren’t running!), so I actually felt like I had a workout when we got back! Haha, sad, but I did just give birth to a baby less than two weeks ago!

My hope for next week is to actually start some VERY modified T25 “workouts”. Basically I’ll do the moves, but not at the same pace. That’s my goal anyway.

As far as weight loss goes, I’m down 5 more pounds, so I only have 5 left to go before I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight! Also, my abs are coming back already! I am now officially a VERY strong advocate for training through pregnancy! No stretch marks, and no loose skin!

So that was my week! Nothing too exciting, but keeping a newborn alive is pretty much two full time jobs. :)

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