Weeks 19 & 20 Pregnancy update: Round #2

Whops, somehow I missed writing my 19 week update! I had a crazy week that week getting ready for my friend to come visit us. Then over last weekend, we were busy taking here to all kinds of amazing places! The highlight was taking her for a run up Malan’s Peak, a nearly 7,000ft peak in our mountains! It was super fun!

At the top of Malan's Peak!

At the top of Malan’s Peak!


Anyway, here’s my update as of 20 weeks!

Exercise: Well, I’ve been doing something every day, and biking, swimming, and T25 are going great, but running had a little bump in the road this week! It actually was a result of me being stupid and running DOWN Malan’s peak without a compression band. My round ligament got a little sore, so I stopped to rest it and then was able to finish the run just fine. However, when I ran on Thursday, I still didn’t wear the compression band (I guess I wanted to prove I could run without it this pregnancy or something…), and my ligament was very tender the last mile. So then came my long run this morning. I DID wear my compression band, but that alone was not sufficient after the damage I did from the two runs prior. After 3 miles, I had to walk. I decided to walk home and get my mega support belt and try that. It worked great! I had absolutely no pain for 3.75 miles, but then it flared up again after running down a hill. So I cut the run short at 8.6 miles and I’m hoping a couple days rest allows me to run pain free come Tuesday.

How I’m feeling: Due to my round ligament soreness, I’m definitely noticing I’m pregnant now. My back doesn’t hurt though and I haven’t had any nausea so that’s all good!

Weight gain: As of this afternoon, 7.6 lbs.(0.4 less than 2 weeks ago) At 19 weeks, I must of had a light day because the scale only read 4 lbs of weight gain. (although that was in the morning…) Basically that means my weight fluctuates.

Appointments: My next appointment is this week and provided baby is in a good position, we should find out the gender!

Clothes: I go back and forth between pre-pregnancy shirts and maternity shirts. Most of my pants still fit though even while buttoned! I seem to be carrying much higher than I did with my previous pregnancy, so I’ve got a big belly, but it’s not in my waist.

Races: My next half marathon is scheduled for next month. I’m hoping I can have a good week of running next week so I feel better about doing it! If I can’t do that distance though, I can drop down to the 10k or the 5k.

So there’s my update! And here are my 19wk and 20wk selfies. :)

19 weeks!

19 weeks!

20 weeks!

20 weeks!

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