Weeks 28&29 Pregnancy Update Round #2

Woah, hey there 29 week belly! How did that happen?!? This pregnancy is seriously flying by with how busy my work and home life is right now! I STILL forget I’m pregnant and then someone mentions something and I remember, haha! That’s probably a good thing though; it means I’m feeling great, which I am! Here’s how my last two-ish weeks have been:

Exercise: I’m feeling so great exercising! Seriously, better than I was 2 months ago! I guess that means I’ve finally adjusted to my belly? Or baby is in a better position now? Hard to say, but running is way more comfortable now! I’m slower than a turtle (10-11min pace unless I’m pushing it, then it’s under 9). My long runs have still been at 10 miles on Saturdays, and during the week, I’ve been sticking to 5 miles still. Biking is going well. I’m still doing two rides a week. Swimming was put on hold last week because my daughter had the stomach bug and then I had it, so I never made it to the pool. However, today I WILL go! I’m finally caught back up on my work from being on partial days with my daughter being sick, and so I have time to actually take a “lunch” break to go swim! T25 workouts are going great too-still two a week for those as well.

How I’m feeling: Other than having the stomach bug last week, I’ve been feeling really good! I’m never nauseous, my back is only sore the day after my long runs, I don’t have any cravings or aversions. Really the only “symptom” to speak of is I get tired earlier at the end of the day. So I just go to bed. :)

Weight gain: I had a dr appointment yesterday afternoon, and on that scale, my total weight gain read 14lbs. I don’t really notice being any bigger except in my belly though, whereas with my last pregnancy, my waist and legs definitely were bigger by this time.

Clothing: Yes, I can still fit into my pre-pregnancy pants. Most of them at least. Which is nice because I have very few maternity pants and I don’t want to buy more. :) Most of my dress pants for work have a slightly elastic waist which is perfect because then I don’t feel like my belly is being smooshed by the end of the day. :) I am however strictly in maternity shirts. I’m literally ALL belly, so there’s no way to avoid those, haha.

Appointments: I just had one yesterday and it went great! Baby boy is measuring 3 days ahead of due date and is looking awesome! I had my glucose tolerance test too which was a blast….I survived it though!

Races: I just ran a 5k last Saturday with my son, and I don’t have any other races on the calendar, but I’m keeping an eye out for one in December! I’m not sure if there are any local ones though so this may have been my last for this pregnancy.

So there’s my update! And here are my belly pics. :) 28 weeks at the 5k with my son, and 29 weeks.IMG_7398

29 weeks!

29 weeks!

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