Weeks 30 & 31 Pregnancy Update Round #2

I’m certain I say this every update, but wow, what a busy two weeks this has been! We have had a great two weeks though-we just got back from a little Thanksgiving family vacation in Las Vegas! We had a fun time, but didn’t get to see nearly all there is to see there! A toddler can limit that a bit. :) We did get to walk the strip though, see the fountain show outside the Bellagio, eat some good food, see some Christmas lights, and visit Hoover Dam! We are now home and ready to tackle the next few weeks as I finish out my semester at work and prepare for Christmas! My pregnancy has been going really well and it’s moving along quickly! I can’t believe we are down to just 9ish weeks left! Here’s my little update:

Exercise: Still doing great on this front! I’ve managed to keep swimming once a week, do T25 and a bike ride twice a week, and run 3 times a week! This past long weekend in Las Vegas was interesting to get my workouts in, but I managed it! I decided to bring T25 with me and do that in the gym (which I’m sure caused people to stare, but no one said anything to me haha!), I biked on the hotel stationary bike, and then I decided to run on the treadmill instead of wasting countless minutes at stop signs/lights/running through casinos as I tried to run the strip. I saved my long run for today when we were home because I had forgotten to bring my running bottle and fuel with me on the trip! The run was a success though-meaning I finished it! Baby boy was kicking like crazy during the first part of the run (usually he sleeps), and so I finally had to walk for about a mile at mile 5 in order to get him positioned in a spot where I could run comfortably. After that, I ran with no problems and got my 10 miles in for the day! I’m hoping to make it to 34 weeks, which is when I ran my last 10 miler in my last pregnancy. So, 3 more weeks to go!

How I’m feeling: Really I’m feeling great other than the occasional back aches. I just have to wear my support belt for a couple hours though and then the pain goes away.

Weight gain: I think my gain is about 15 lbs right now but I haven’t weighed myself since last week (it was at 14lbs then)

Clothing: We are really in the awkward phase of pregnancy for pants. My maternity pants are STILL too big, but I wear them because my other pants are not comfortable for me anymore. My ALL belly, so my maternity shirts are being worn every day–some of them are even getting too short! Baby is sticking STRAIGHT out in front. :)

Appointments: I have my next one this week, and then I’ll be going in every 2 weeks! The count down is on!

Races: I have been trying to find one in December that is local (30 min away or less), but alas, there seem to be none. I don’t really want to commit to one that’s an hour drive because I’m not really racing. So if I find one, I’ll sign up. Otherwise, I may be done racing for this pregnancy.

So there’s my update! And here are my weeks 30 & 31 bump pictures. 😉

30 weeks

30 weeks

31 weeks

31 weeks

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