Workout Goals

Today on Workout Wednesday, I wanted to talk about my workout goals, and YOUR workout goals. Most people don’t workout for no reason whatsoever, despite what some people may think. We all have some type of reason for working out. Here are the goals I like to achieve by working out:

  1. Overall health and fitness
  2. Feel a sense of accomplishment
  3. Achieve success in my next race (whether that means finishing the race, PRing in the race, or placing in the race)

What are your reasons for working out? Do you just want to get fit? Loose weight? Look good? Whatever your goals are, it’s important to have a way of measuring them so you can identify whether or not you’ve accomplished them. For me, the way of measuring my goals is a) how I performed in my workouts, and b) races.

I’ll typically sign up for several small, “non-important” races throughout my season in an effort to identify my weaknesses and work on them as I work toward reaching success in my “A” race of the season. For example, last year my “A” race was Ironman 70.3 World Championships. I signed up for a couple races at the beginning of the season as practice races, then a couple as races to qualify me for the championships, and finally my actual “A” race.

What is your “A” race this year? Still trying to figure it out? I’ve recently been accepted to the Challenge Factory Team. The Challenge race series recently bought out Rev3, so they have combined their races, and have asked me to be an ambassador on a small level! Originally, I wasn’t planning on doing any of the Rev3 races this year, but now I may! I LOVED Rev3 Cedar Point when I did it two years ago, and would love the opportunity to go back. It was such a family friendly atmosphere! They even let my family cross the finish line with me. :)

After crossing the finish line at Rev3 last year. :)

After crossing the finish line at Rev3 last year. :)

If you’re interested in doing one of the old Rev3 races, the Challenge Factory Team has given me a discount code that I can give out for those of you interested! It will give you 10% off the registration price. Here it is: STEDGEBA15  Feel free to use it when you register for your next race! Hope to see some of you out there this summer/fall!

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