Workout Wednesday: Building Power on the Bike

This year, I don’t have any big triathlons on my calendar, so I’m not doing any crazy long bike rides. Also given the unpredictability of my baby’s schedule, I can’t really plan on getting longer than an hour to 90 minutes of consecutive riding most mornings. So, since all my workouts will be “short” this year, I want to really make them count! I do 3 bike rides per week, and the workouts used to be focused on building endurance and increasing the amount of watts that I could hold for an extended period of time. Again, no bike races on the calendar, so I’m going to use the opportunity to switch my focus a little and start working on building my power! I’ve wanted to get stronger on the bike every year, but I’ve always focused on just building endurance, so I’m excited for this new switch! IMG_3093

I read an article last week that inspired me to up my game a little in terms of the intensity of my workouts. The article was about how to build more power on the bike; perfect!

Based on the article, here’s what I’ve been doing for my workouts!

-15 minute warm up, then 2×1 minute single leg each leg spinning as fast as I can, working on smooth rotations. Then, intervals. LOTS of intervals! Two of my workouts last week, I followed the article’s tips to a T and did the exact workouts the author recommended. On Sunday, I switched it up a bit to add more variety–it was a good one! I did. 4×1 minute at the absolute hardest wattage I could hold while maintaining 90rpms. I took 4 minutes rest in between. Then I did 3×2 minutes at the hardest wattage I could hold while maintaining 90rpms again. 3 minutes rest in between. Then, I did 3×3 minutes as hard as I could while holding 80rpms. 2 minutes rest. Then I finished off with 4×1 minute at an easier wattage and spun at 105rpms. Had a half hour cooldown, and that put me at 1:45! I had to feed the baby right before the cooldown, so that was fun being super sweaty, but other than that, it was a success! It was challenging, yet really fun too!

Anyone else working on improving their power on the bike this year? What workouts help you?

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