Workout Wednesday: Strength Training Commences

Ah well, it’s a new year, I’m back to work post-baby, and I’m ready to begin my official training program for the year! I’ve already started my aerobic training, but this week, my strength training commences! I would like to do strength training twice a week, but once is a must!

Yesterday, I was doing some research to find some good tips on strength training specifically for triathletes. I get bored easily with weight training, so following a specific protocol is more helpful for me, and keeps me more on track. I did really well in 2014 and the beginning of 2015 with my strength training, so I’m looking forward to getting back into it! I found an article on strength training for triathletes what I plan to model my plan after. Based on the exercises the article mentioned, here is what I’ve chosen to do:

Squats. Lunges. Deadlifts. Pushups. Lateral dumbbell raise. Calf raises. Dumbbell pull-overs. Split Squats. Bicep curls. Tricep extensions. Planks. Back extensions.

I think these will be enough to emphasis all the major muscle groups, but not so much that it’ll take forever to do a strength session. IMG_1883

Also, this year, I want to work on periodization of my strength training just like I’ve always done with my aerobic training. Thankfully, the article talked about this as well, so I got a good guideline for how long each strength phase should be.

I have two goal peak times for this year. The first will be April 10th which is my marathon in which I hope to obtain a PR. The second is some time in August when I hope to do another 70.3 race, though the specific date is yet to be determined. Given this, my first peak strength time will need to be in April, then I’ll “start over” for preparation for my next peak in the fall.

The first phase of my strength training will be preparation or base training. Since my first “peak” week needs to be in April, I don’t have much time for the full phases, so my preparation training will be 2 weeks long. During the preparation strength training weeks, I’ll do each of these exercises once through for 12-15 repetitions each.

The second phase is the endurance phase. This too will be slightly shortened. I’ll do this phase from the 3rd week, until the week of February 14th. During this phase, I’ll be doing two sets of 12-15 repetitions.

The third phase will be 8 weeks for me. This is called the “power” phase. During this time, I’ll be doing 3 sets of each exercise: 1×10, 1×8, 1×6 as recommended in the article. Sounds fun, eh?

Finally, 3 weeks before my race, I’ll enter the fourth phase that the article calls the “chisel” phase. During this time, I’ll back off the weights and do two sets of 12 repetitions for each exercise. This will help me taper for race day and go in feeling strong but rested!

So, there’s my plan. Now, it’s Wednesday, so it’s time for me to hit the weight room!!

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