Workout Wednesday: Week 5 Update

I am now in week 5 of my triathlon workouts for the year, so I figured it was time for an update!

The workouts I HAVE been doing, have been going well, however, I’m still doing the same workouts as week one of training! Haha, I’ve not even looked at what workouts I’m supposed to be doing each week, just sticking to the first week I printed out. Thankfully, I’m pretty sure the first 4 weeks were all supposed to be the same workouts anyway, so at most I’ve missed out on what this week’s workouts should really be. I’m still trying to find a balance between sticking too firm to my schedule, and straying too far away from it. I want to WANT to workout, not feel like I HAVE to. So for that reason, it’s been easier for me to kind of dictate my own workouts.

As far as biking goes, I’ve been following those workouts strictly, and have been doing great! Next week I’m going to take as a rest week/test week and see if my power output has increased!

My running workouts haven’t really been workouts–they are just easy runs with 8×20 second sprints mixed in. Fairly easy. However, I think I’m ready for some REAL workouts, so I’m going to check what my workout schedule is next week and follow those as closely as I can. Also, I still want to race the Xenia Marathon in April, so I need to be building up my mileage quick! My longest run so far has only been 12 miles! :/ Time to get to work! I’m not hoping for a PR in the marathon this year, as I want my main focus to be improving on the bike, and working on speed in running will distract me from building power on the bike. So, I just want to kind of maintain my current running speed (which right now is slower than last year).

Finishing the marathon in 3:15 last year. Some day I hope to see that time again, but I doubt it will be this year!

Finishing the marathon in 3:15 last year. Some day I hope to see that time again, but I doubt it will be this year!

Swimming….ahhhhh, I’ve been feeling good during some swims, and horrible during others. I’ve still not done REAL workouts, mostly just working on form. I think I’m ready for some workouts finally though! Next week I’ll start doing some! It might be as simple as repeat 400s, still trying to decide :) Also, my “long” swims have been non-existent so far. On the weekends, I’m supposed to do 5x500m repeats. That starts this weekend! I’m hoping to start swimming on Sundays now, so that might help! Saturdays just get too full for us, and I never want to swim then :) I have been consistently swimming twice a week during the week, but only for about 1,600m-2,000m.

So there’s my rambling update!

How are your workouts going as you begin this cold February?

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