Workout Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday, readers! I am now in my third month of triathlon training, and I’m starting to do some fun workouts! Yesterday I did my first hill repeat workout for running. It was hard, but went very well! I was to do 3 X 5 min hills while keeping my heart rate at about 95% of my max heart rate. I was thankful that my first week doing this workout was this week, because I’m on spring break, and I got to run it in the afternoon in the nice, gorgeous sunshine! Yes, it was still freezing–winter is nowhere near over, but sunshine and cold sure beats DARK and cold! IMG_0905[1]

Another marvelous thing about being on spring break this week is I got a massage yesterday! It was SO needed! Especially after my crazy T25 workout on Monday! I described it as painfully delightful. :)

My workout on tap today is biking. This workout is very new and actually exciting looking-I’m about to hop on the bike as soon as I’ve posted this, so wish me luck! It contains several intervals all at different percentages of my max power. I think I’ll like it though because it varies a lot. For example: 5 min at a certain power, then 3 at this power, 10 at a different power, etc.. I won’t get bored at least! image-22

Oh, and I have something super special to look forward to once I’m done my bike workout…..drum roll please…… A midweek date day with my husband!!! I am very excited :) Since I am on break this week, he decided to take today off to spend with me! We are going to go to an aquarium, do some shopping, and have a nice dinner!

Hope your week is going well! I’m certainly enjoying mine-both the break part AND the workout part! Oh, and a heads up for tomorrow-I’m going to post about a fun DIY project I did yesterday! I’m super excited about it!

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