Workout Wednesdays: Motivation to Train while Pregnant

Since announcing my pregnancy, a lot of people have asked me if I’m still training; and if so, what am I training for? Well, to be perfectly honest, it’s been a challenge to find motivation to train while pregnant. I’ve still been training, yes, but the motivation is completely different than normal! I told a few people, instead of training to get faster, stronger, and fitter, I’m training to get slower and fatter! Sad, but true! Also, I’m not really TRAINING for races-obviously I’m not RACING anything for the next several months. However, I am still going to DO races just for my own sanity. :) So, here’s what I’ve found as my motivation to train while pregnant!

-To build up my energy. They say that if you’re pregnant, working out helps increase your energy. This was REALLY hard to tell myself when I was in the first trimester and felt tired ALL.THE.TIME! But actually, when I worked out, I did feel slightly more energetic! Man, it was super hard dragging myself out of bed early in the morning for my “work outs” though! There were several occasions when I wanted to skip just because “in the long run, it won’t matter”.

-To keep myself and baby healthy. This honestly has been my primary motivator throughout my pregnancy so far. If I haven’t felt like exercising, or I felt like it wouldn’t make a difference if I skipped or not, I reminded myself that I was doing it for my overall health (during and after pregnancy), and for baby’s health! This helped a lot. Because man, it’s depressing to work out every day yet see yourself getting slower and more out of breath with each passing day! It’s literally the opposite effect one usually goes through when training!

The hardest thing to motivate myself to do is lift, but I know it's super important! I got my lifting in yesterday and felt great!

The hardest thing to motivate myself to do is lift, but I know it’s super important! I got my lifting in Monday and felt great!

-As a stress relief. This has always been one of my motivations of working out. Now more than ever, it is a huge motivator for me! Stress is bad for baby, so I need my regular stress relief!

-Perform “well” in races. I would still like to maintain doing my local “races” throughout the summer. I don’t expect to win them now, but I would like to do somewhat well in them for a pregnant woman. :) Also, just having the races on my calendar gives me a target to shoot for. Not a pace, time, or place goal, but an event goal.

Any readers pregnant or been pregnant and trained during your pregnancy?

What were your experiences?

Did you find yourself more or less motivated to work out?

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